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  • Ruchita Kulkarni

Culture of UT’s Diverse Student Body Evident At Annual I-Dinner

By Ruchita Kulkarni

Collegian Staff Writer More than 500 guests immersed themselves in the diverse culture of the University’s international community during the 45th annual International Dinner March 25. Hosted by the International Students Association (ISA), the event is one of the hallmarks of spring semester at UToledo.

The auditorium in the Thompson Student Union was extravagantly decorated in vivid colors, ranging from sapphire to pearl white. Tables featured centerpieces of roses in small jars with tiny fairy lights. The stage was set to be the sky, amidst soft white clouds and a blue moon. The theme of this year’s evening was “Folklore.”

A flag show, featuring flag bearers from 18 different countries, all of whom were dressed in native garb, started the evening’s festivities. ISA President Yash Shingan and Swanika Bhusari served as emcees for the event.

The night continued with both vocal and dance performances from representatives from dozens of cultures by individuals and students from organizations including the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the Sri Lankan Student Association, the Filipino American Association, UT Jalwa, UT Daebak, and UT Tribe.

Another highlight of the evening was the enormous selection of ethnic cuisine for guests to enjoy. People filled their plates to the brim with food from every corner of the world. The menu included egg rolls, chicken tikka masala, pad thai, grape leaves, churros, plantains, mango pudding, etc. Non-alcoholic beverages like soda and bubble tea were also provided.

Members of UToledo’s international community know what it’s like to be far away from home, but the annual International dinner did an exceptional job of making everyone feel at home here at UToledo.

Awards were presented to various students for both exemplary extracurricular and academic achievement. Ao Kanemata, from Japan, was named “International Freshman of the Year” and Yash Kakade from India received “International Student of the Year.”


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