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Capital Construction Projects on UToledo Campus

The University of Toledo’s Facilities and Construction team continues to demonstrate their commitment to the University’s mission to improve the human condition with new capital construction projects that will extend throughout the 2023-2024 academic year.

“Students are always a priority for us when we are considering construction projects,” says Nicole Baden, University Architect and Director of Planning, Design, & Construction.

There are a few profound changes that University students and faculty can expect to see when returning to campus for the Fall 2023 semester.

One of the major undergoing projects is the improvement of hardscapes in the West Mall, located South of the Memorial Field House. This project is a continuation of the improvements made to the Centennial Mall in 2022, aimed to improve student circulation and activity. The concrete sidewalks in this space will be replaced, additional seating will be equipped, and an informal recreational space will be added to provide opportunities for student leisure. The estimated budget for this construction project is just over one million dollars and is expected to reach completion near the start of the Fall semester.

Another major project taking place on campus is the three phase North Engineering Laboratory/Classroom renovation led by Senior Associate Vice President for Administration Jason Toth. Toth and his team completed phase one in 2020, phase two in Fall 2022, and the final phase will continue throughout the Fall 2023 semester and be completed by the new year.

Phase I

The First phase of this project included building exterior envelopes and windows, as well as replacing the old roof of the North Engineering building with a new one.

Phase II

The Second phase of these renovations focused on the building of a structure to create a second floor and also reinforcing the existing structures within the building shell.

Phase III

The Third and final phase of this project will consist of finalizing all building renovations with an emphasis on interior classroom and laboratory spaces. An immediate goal after the completion of this phase is to transfer all of the classrooms and laboratories that are currently located in Palmer Hall to the newly renovated North Engineering building.

“When that project is completed, it will allow us to demolish a building by the name of Palmer Hall, where the labs and classrooms exist today. In the end we will achieve a net space reduction of over 45,000 square feet,” said Toth in a previous interview.

This large renovation project is estimated at a budget of $22.5 million across all three phases and will be completed in December 2023. Classes and laboratories currently located in Palmer Hall will remain in that location until Spring 2024.

The Facilities and Construction team is also working to begin construction on a pedestrian bridge over Douglas Road near Savage Arena that will safely link the academic centers on Main campus to the engineering neighborhood. Baden says that the bridge will make for an exciting way for commuters to cross campus while avoiding traffic. The construction on this project will begin in early 2024.

Along with these major projects, Baden says there are constantly small renovations and maintenance projects happening around campus.

“Our projects aim to improve general quality of life, ensure students are interacting with the campus, and make sure that the physical space of the campus meets the academic, safety, living, and accessibility needs of the students,” says Baden.


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