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  • Emily Halter

Dear Collegian - April

Updated: Jun 5, 2023


Hello Collegian,

To be brief, things have been less than ideal these past few months. I’m a sophomore here at UT, and school has been a lot for me lately. I often find myself struggling to find motivation to do anything, whether it be homework, clubs, or even spending time with friends and family. I wonder if I’m smart enough or even motivated enough for my degree (I’m an engineering major). It’s a lot of work and truth be told, my mental health has been suffering. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello and thank you very much for writing to The Collegian.

I am very sorry to hear that things have not been the greatest for you lately. College is a lot to handle and it is certainly not a walk in the park most days. There are moments of struggle throughout, but you’ve gotten far already and I truly commend you for your perseverance.

Something that I sincerely believe is that acknowledging your progress is an extremely powerful practice in everyday life.

We continuously emphasize our faults and shortcomings, yet forget the improvements we make throughout. Even though your progress may be difficult to see when things are heavy, search through the chaos to find the growth you’ve made - this is what you’re working for and I promise it is there!

You are doing the best you can do in your current state. Being gentle with yourself can go a long way when it comes to accomplishing your goals. It is increasingly important in such a hectic world to find the time to care for yourself - and it does not have to be time consuming. When you imagine an activity or practice that makes you content, try incorporating that (at least a little bit) into your daily routine.

Remember what you are working for, and remind yourself of what you truly value and need. You are putting in your best effort and it will most definitely pay off. You are fully capable of achieving what you put your mind to. You have every ounce of skill required to get your degree and make a powerful difference in the world. Remind yourself every day that you are good enough and you deserve to be here in college with your peers.

Best wishes from The Collegian!


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